Our Story

Our founder, Giri Devanur got a call from a friend with an unusual challenge. She wanted to invest in a second home as a rental property. However, she did not:

- Have time to buy and manage the property
- Have cash for a 25% down payment
- Want stress of a complex mortgage process.

Giri, a tech entrepreneur with two exits and one Nasdaq IPO experience, and Monaz, a long-time Real Estate Investment Expert, started with one question.

How do we simplify the wealth creation process for all?

They started building a digital marketplace that simplifies, finances, and manages short-term rental investments.

Real Estate investment

We are in a Massive Market

We operate at the intersection of a massive asset class (Real Estate) and rapidly growing segment (Short-term Rentals)


Second Home Owners in the US


Short-term rental Listings in the US


Single Family Homes in the US


We are a world-class team of experts that have built and scaled multiple ventures

  • Giri Devanur

    Giri Devanur

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Monaz Karkaria

    Monaz Karkaria

    Co-Founder & COO

  • Mike Logozzo

    Mike Logozzo

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Christie Currie

    Christie Currie

    Chief Marketing Officer


Our board of directors is composed of individuals who, on the basis of their knowledge and experience, make valuable contributions to the overall conduct of the business

  • Brent Crawford

    Brent Crawford

    Founder, Crawford Hoying

  • Dr. Art Langer

    Dr. Art Langer

    Vice Chair, Columbia University