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We have thought through every step of the complex investing and managing process in short-term rental properties

  • How Can I Start Investing?

    You can start your journey as an investor via our platform with as low as $5,000. ReAlpha will also help you form your syndicate so you can bring your friends to invest alongside ReAlpha too!

  • How Does a Syndicate Work?

    ReAlpha helps you set up your syndicate to manage everything from - establishing an LLC, setting up business banking, making payouts, and periodic reporting.

  • Do I Need to Manage the Property?

    Absolutely not. The idea of ReAlpha is to help busy professionals gain higher income via Airbnb or other Digital Hospitality Platforms without the hassle of managing a short-term rental.

  • How Can I Exit My Investment?

    ReAlpha structures all investments into properties as a single LLC. Owners can sell their LLC Membership Interests to others upon completing their holding period restrictions.

  • How does ReAlpha Fund the Purchase of Properties?

    ReAlpha uses funds from its balance sheet and lending partners to acquire properties.